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Are you hoping to attend an industry event, a trade fair, or a business conference in the next year or so? If yes, then do you know why?

Forgive us if that seems like an impertinent question. It’s simply that many, many people will attend Trade Events next year and beyond without having clearly defined objectives of what they want out of it.

We know from experience that planning event publicity, setting up meetings in advance and having defined goals will pay back the cost of attending or exhibiting.

In the posts below we take you through event preparation, PR activity during the show, and following up your leads afterwards. Then, take some time to flesh out what you want to achieve and plan steps of how you’re going to do it. We have an invaluable guide to help you.

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How to write a b2b news release that editors want to run

How to write a b2b news release that editors want to run

How to write a b2b news release that editors want to run

In order to write a b2b press release that editors want to run you need to understand how a press release can add value to your business as well as what editors are looking for. In this blog we give you all the information you need to write strong news material that editors want to publish.

Why is it important to issue press releases?

The purpose of a news release is to communicate to your target audiences that you are a dynamic force within your industry; that you are an attractive employer and business partner who adds value in all areas of operation.

How often should you issue you a news release?

You should issue a news release whenever you have something new to announce that will benefit your target audience and therefore will be something they want to read. We recommend releasing news at least once a month.

Where can you find news stories in your business?

News is quite simply everywhere! Every invoice you issue tells a story. News can be found in:

  1. New products/services
  2. Developments in existing products and services
  3. New contracts
  4. Client anniversaries
  5. New insight, research or analysis
  6. Local community activity

Find more ideas in our blog post here: 6 Content Topics to kickstart your media engagement.


write press releases in your style but not pink magnetic letters

A word of caution: unless your most recent recruit is a celebrated industry authority, new employee announcements are best done through internal comms and social media– they’re not news.

What makes a strong headline in a news release?

Headlines should be short, factual and arresting, signposting what the story is about. They should avoid technical jargon.

What tone and style should you use?

Your tone should be factual and business-like. Avoid flowery language and complex sentences. Always write with the audience in mind. At the end of every sentence or two, stop and ask yourself – why should the audience care about that statement – how does it interest or benefit them?

The first paragraph should say it all!

The golden rule is to write the first paragraph as a stand-alone. In years gone by, this meant that if an editor was short of space, they could edit from the bottom up. If all that was left was the first paragraph, this should stand alone as a summary of the story. Of course, the advent of online media means that space is not necessarily an issue, but people nowadays are busy, so if you don’t capture their interest fast, you will lose them.

Press release length - is longer better? pink cadillac long car

How long should your news release be?

Stick to 600 words as a rule of thumb. They can be sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less. 600 meaty words is what you should be aiming for while keeping adjectives to a minimum.

Two to five paragraphs should follow the awesome first paragraph. These will evidence your opening statement covering who, what, why, where, and how. Write these with the view that they should be intelligible for, and interesting to, a non-specialist journalist who may be working across several sectors – this will ensure you do not disappear into a black hole of technical lingo.


DOWNLOAD: The ultimate guide to writing a press release

How to capture quality customer comments in your press release

Once you have written the body of the release, turn paragraph two or three into a quote from a senior spokesperson, ideally a director or a customer. By doing so, you avoid bolting on a weak generic comment which says very little, if anything at all and makes him or her look slightly vacuous and dull!

How to command more space than your competitors

Providing high-quality images, an infographic or explainer video will all help you to dominate the page and squeeze out news from your competitors.

Stand out from the crowd with your press release

Use your news to increase your reach

Once you’re ready to send out your press release, go through it and add two backlinks. One to a credible source that evidences a fact in your article and another to a relevant credible item on your website. Ideally, make these trackable links using something like bit/ly.

A word of caution: don’t be surprised if some media outlets remove the backlinks.

And finally…

At the end of the release, add contact details – not those of the sales office – editors actively dislike this; make sure the details are live and go directly to an individual – you don’t want to waste any interest that might be generated.

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Concirrus – Fintech PR Case Study

Concirrus – Fintech PR Case Study

Concirrus - Quest for Success

Fintech Concirrus worked with EC-PR to elevate its brand awareness and launch a new Insurtech platform to the marine insurance industry with exceptional results.


UK Fintech enabler Concirrus came to EC-PR to supercharge its brand awareness and launch its Quest insurtech platform to the marine insurance industry. The Quest platform accesses and interprets wide-ranging datasets, combining them with historical claims information to reveal the behaviours that correlate to claims. The results enable insurers and brokers to more accurately quantify risk; reduce losses and boost profits.


The issue Concirrus faced was complex. They needed to persuade the marine insurance industry that there were better working practices available and that Concirrus offered a more efficient, effective, and more profitable, way of doing business.

They needed to change working practices that had been in place since the 18th Century and there was a real fear of change. For this campaign to be a success it had to not only engage c-suite level insurance stakeholders but also the hearts and minds of an established marine community. It was time to do things differently.


Before starting the PR outreach, a communication strategy was developed to ensure that external communications had focus and purpose. Target personas were developed and activated, as well as compelling messaging created for each persona with senior leadership engagement a must. The messaging was then embedded into the business and the PR outreach began.

The campaign was 90% earned media and 10% owned media.

This balance was vital as we needed third-party validation and credibility to win over our target audience. The tactics we employed were:

“Having EC-PR as our PR partner gives us a huge amount of confidence that our successes are being communicated and our industry voice is being heard over our competition.”

Andrew Yeoman

CEO, Concirrus

“We are now recognised as a market leader within the marine insurance market and we have established a strong foothold into other sectors as a result. I am blown away by the response we received on the Blueprint – we never anticipated so much engagement from senior leaders and influencers who were keen to contribute their knowledge and insights.”

Caroline Hurst

Marketing Director, Concirrus


Fintech PR downloads

Over 200 downloads of the Marine Insurance Resilience Blueprint

Fintech PR coverage

168 pieces of media
coverage in target publications

Fintech PR share of voice

Dominant share of voice
against top two competitors

Fintech PR website traffic

Website traffic increased by 30% over the campaign

Results in detail

The thought leadership campaign displayed real empathy with its target audience. It demonstrated Concirrus’ value to the market as well as its understanding of the critical challenges facing its target buyers. Concirrus successfully elevated its brand position, credibility, and authority as the go-to expert.



The Marine Insurance Resilience Blueprint – over 200 downloads. Senior-level industry engagement from AEGIS London, IUMI, SMIT Salvage, Swiss Re, Whitespace, AIMU (American Institute of Marine Underwriters)



168 pieces of media coverage in target publications including national press coverage in the Daily Telegraph with dominant Share of Voice against top 2 competitors – Concirrus 50%, Competitor A 33%, Competitor B 16%


Brand awareness

In independent research, 51% of respondents cited industry coverage as the top source of brand awareness.


Website traffic

Increased by 30% over the course of the campaign.


Fintech PR White Paper

White paper

The cornerstone piece of content for the campaign. This whitepaper enabled Concirrus to collaborate with key opinion formers and deliver real hard- hitting insights for the sector. The launch of the whitepaper saw the Concirrus leadership team embark on a series of 1:1 media briefings that gave the research expert thought-leadership commentary.

Fintech PR thought leadership

Thought leadership programme

This allowed Concirrus to increase its credibility in a market where they previously had limited traction.

Fintech PR Social Media

Social media

The creation of a bank of assets including social videos, images and infographics that allowed Concirrus to maximise exposure of the Whitepaper via social channels.

Fintech PR Ideas generation

Ideas generation

A bank of thought leadership ideas which closely aligned with the pain points and challenges of our target personas, whilst ensuring that they would have maximum appeal to its target trade media.

Fintech PR News Drumbeat

News drumbeat through the press office

Monthly announcements on new client wins, industry partnerships and new funding to ensure Concirrus was seen as a dynamic force within the industry.

Fintech PR press interviews

Press interviews

Monthly interviews between tier 1 publications and the senior leadership team (mainly CEO, Andrew Yeoman) to discuss and contribute to evolving market issues and challenges. Contribution from Andrew Yeoman is regularly sought after, positioning him as a go-to expert.

Maritime PR

Maritime PR

EC-PR is a B2B PR agency specialising in Technology PR, with a proven track record working within the Maritime and Defence industrues. Read more about our Tech PR offering here.


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Being in the right place at the right time… We will deliver feature length coverage to your target press… or your money back.

SMM Fair 2018: What I learnt in 25,000 steps

SMM Fair 2018: What I learnt in 25,000 steps

Whilst preparing for SMM Fair 2018, I was fully aware that it was a big show; you only need to look through the exhibitor list to understand that. But it’s only once you’re there and in the thick of it that you truly appreciate the sheer magnitude of what is certainly the largest trade event I’ve ever been to.

Liz at SMM Fair 2018

Liz at SMM Fair 2018

25,000 steps over 1.5 days and there were still people I didn’t get a chance to catch up with, but it was a fantastic couple of days and a great opportunity to spend time with clients, journalists, as well as meet some new and interesting people who clearly have a passion for this industry.  The blisters were totally worth it!

What did I learn?

The IMO Ballast Water Convention and Global Sulphur Cap 2020 were still the main discussion topics, as was the ‘green drive’ and maritime security. Of course, none of these are quick wins and they will all have a major impact on how the industry operates in the future.  What’s clear is that there needs to be a much more agile and flexible approach to the formation and implementation of regulations if we stand any hope of keeping up, never mind getting ahead, in an ever-changing world.

Our preparation for Posidonia, earlier this year, was spot on so we didn’t change anything for this show. Despite only being able to commit to 1.5 days, with nifty preparation and planning, I had 18 meetings plus several drop-ins. No other show will give you such an opportunity to see all the major industry players in one place.  If I was to give advice to anyone attending this show for the first time, I would say:

  1. Plan your meetings hall by hall to avoid feeling frustrated and exhausted.
  2. Taxis are impossible to secure after 4pm – research public transport and the different ways to get around Hamburg. Nearly 2 hours waiting for a taxi is an experience I’m hoping never to repeat.  If it wasn’t for the kindness of two executives travelling in my direction, I may never have got to my hotel that night.
  3. Dedicate at least three full days to attend and work SMM, so that you can be more systematic in your approach, i.e. 1st day – A Halls, 2nd day – B Halls, 3rd day – any stands you’ve missed.
  4. Leave the heels at home – being an absolute lover of heels, I can’t quite believe I’m saying this but I’m also still trying to nurse my feet back to normal and haven’t been out of my trainers since I got back.  So, next time it’s flats all the way.

What will we do differently in 2020?

In all honesty, not a lot.  The timing of these events is critical.  Whilst Posidonia was fantastic from a BD perspective, we then quickly entered ‘silly season’ and so, we faced two or three months of following up and nurturing these relationships at a time when quite frankly, very few people are looking to seriously engage.  That said, we’re now seeing our hard work paying off and SMM last week has reinforced our passion and commitment to working in an industry that plays a crucial role in driving the global economy.  Roll on Norway for Nor-Shipping 2019.  It’ll be interesting to see how much the industry has moved on and what investments are made over the next year.  Given the conversations I’ve been privy to recently, we should be seeing a flurry of activity which can only be good news for the industry.

For advice on prepping for a Trade Show or Industry event read our Event Publicity Countdown or download our Free PR Guide.

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Event Publicity: The Gold Standard guide – FREE DOWNLOAD

Event Publicity: The Gold Standard guide – FREE DOWNLOAD

Event Publicity: The Gold Standard guide – FREE DOWNLOAD

Event Publicity: The Gold Standard guide – FREE DOWNLOAD

Get the most out of your industry events

A valuable guide for marketers and business leaders

Our guide will help you skyrocket your event publicity. Trade shows and exhibitions are still one of the most effective ways for your company to network with customers and prospects and strengthen its presence in the market place. It can also be one of your most expensive marketing tactics, therefore the pressure is on to get the most out of it.

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Posidonia 2018: A three-day whirlwind

Posidonia 2018: A three-day whirlwind

When Lorraine and I first discussed going to Posidonia this year, we couldn’t quite believe that in the decade of working within the maritime sector, we were still ‘Posidonia virgins’.  At last, the stars aligned (or should I say diaries) and 2018 was going to be the year we experience this legendary event.

Speaking to our customers and maritime journalists, we had heard a lot about this event. We were fired up, excited, but also somewhat apprehensive.  The words ‘stamina’ and ‘party’ were mentioned a lot and true to form, the three days we were there did not disappoint.

What did we learn at Posidonia?

Preparation is king – our clients hear this a lot from us but it really does pay off.  Not only for the clients that we support with media engagement, but also for EC-PR in helping to further raise the profile of our brand.  After deciding to invest, we were determined to work this show hard – and that we did.

With 31 stand meetings over three days, it really was non-stop.  Couple this with the British Embassy reception and copious other networking drinks/dinners, we were officially ‘pooped’ and ready to leave by the end of day three.  And yet sad that, for us, the experience was all over!

Despite the extensive commercial, operational and regulatory challenges this industry continues to face, this didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits.  With smiles on their faces despite the sweaty brow and sore feet, people were engaging, inspiring and the perfect hosts.

What will we do differently in 2020?

Our preparation was spot on.  We had a focussed few days so, while initially we thought we would stay longer in 2020, I’m not sure this would be any more effective. We are great believers in process and trust our BD approach.  Doing the leg work before the event meant we had a very productive few days and our follow up is methodical and imaginative.  There have been a few bits of collateral which we would craft differently and follow-up information which has taken longer to develop than we expected.  We will start the process on these materials earlier and the messaging within them will be more incisive.

Roll on 2020!

If you’d like to learn more about preparing publicity for a big event please read our Event Publicity blog series or request a copy of our Gold Standard guide [email protected]

Event Publicity: The Follow Up

Event Publicity: The Follow Up

The show is over folks… the attendees have left and the doors on your event are firmly closed. Now, it’s time to relax with a well-earned cuppa and some tasty biscuits.

Don’t get too comfortable though.  Just because your event is over doesn’t mean you can simply walk away! There are still some key post-event activities you can be doing to keep the momentum going and continue to maximise your investment.

Make sure you….

  • Follow up with the journalists you and the team met and simply thank them for taking the time to meet with you and the team. If you promised them additional material, then make sure you send it through a few days after the show with suitable high res photography.  Read our blog on how to write an impactful press release.
  • You should have a clear idea as to what your wish list publications are covering in the next three months. Determine what contribution your company can provide and contact the Editor to discuss further.  Offer written contribution or an interview with the subject matter expert. Read our Thought Leadership series on how to become an industry influencer.
  • Think about providing your own brief account of the event – what surprised you, what was good, bad or indifferent. Send this to your key media contacts as they are likely to be putting together their own review of the show.
  • Ask your subject matter experts to write a short blog about their experiences of the event. Not only will this generate additional content that could attract visitors to the next event you attend, it will also be beneficial for your SEO and social media strategy. Read our blog on our time at Posidonia 2018 coming soon.
  • Most importantly, celebrate! Delivering an effective event publicity strategy can be a long and arduous journey so make sure you bring together the whole team to celebrate and appreciate all of the hard work that’s gone into it.

This blog is part of our series Event Publicity: The Gold Standard.
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