BMT Highly Autonomous Warship Technologies - PR Campaign launch at DSEI

EC-PR helped amplify BMT's presence at DSEI through naval autonomy thought leadership and media engagement


BMT’sHighly Autonomous Warship Technologies’ (HAWT) offers a vision for the future of increasingly autonomous naval operations, underpinned by safe, secure and available lean-crewed warships. The company has conducted extensive research in collaboration with navies, government and defence technology institutions to develop and capture a deeper level of understanding of the roadmap for the integration of AI and automation in naval operations.

As part of its research in this area, BMT was looking to launch its new HAWT to the defence market, focusing on DSEI 2021 as a key event to launch a new insight paper and generate engagement with the media and key stakeholders.


Whilst BMT has a strong pedigree and extensive experience in naval ship design, awareness of the company’s offerings in the defence market is varied. In bringing its naval design consultancy to the market, BMT works closely with government and navies to ensure it has an in-depth understanding of naval operations and of current and future requirements, allowing them to offer critical insights to clients which is a key differentiator from their competitors. BMT’s aim is to capitalise on this ability to offer valued counsel on complex issues such as autonomy, in order to grow its market share in defence and to continue to grow its network within government, industry and academia.

In targeting DSEI to launch the concept and the insight paper, BMT was faced with a large, crowded and global event where the news cycle is largely dominated by the primes. EC-PR was tasked with leveraging the engagement, networking and media opportunities at DSEI to maximise the launch of the paper and create ongoing engagement with key stakeholders, positioning BMT as experts in naval autonomy.


BMT HAWT Highly Autonomous Warship Concept


EC-PR proposed a campaign of activity centred around DSEI designed to amplify BMT’s presence at the event and generate engagement with the company’s key target media titles. Centred around a pillar theme of naval autonomy, the main objectives of the campaign were to increase brand visibility through thought leadership and media engagement to establish a dominant share of voice on the key aspects of naval autonomy including navigation, warfare, logistics and maintenance, platform systems, cyber security, human factors and recoverability.

The campaign was centred around a highly targeted proactive media outreach to top tier defence trade media outlets. Journalists were engaged before, during and after DSEI to ensure BMT had a strong share of voice in key media titles over a sustained period of time, with deliverables including press releases, press interviews and social media content.

The campaign was underpinned by strong thought leadership drawn from the HAWT insight paper, as well as and carefully crafted media narratives that highlighted the opportunities and challenges in the journey to naval autonomy, drawing on BMT’s technology roadmap and tangible insights into how navies can achieve their ultimate aim of highly autonomous operations.

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“DSEI 2021 was a significant event for BMT in launching our highly autonomous warship concept, providing a key platform for us to lay out our vision into how the complexities of transitioning to naval autonomy could be navigated. We know we have the ability to offer insightful counsel to address this complex challenge, and we know this is grounded in our efforts to work with navies and industry to get under the skin of these challenges to help resolve them. Our challenge was in communicating this to the market, and the results we achieved and continue to enjoy as a result of outreach around DSEI have proven to be invaluable in raising BMT’s profile in this space.

“The results of this campaign allowed BMT to not only reach our target audiences at and around the show, it has turned a four-day event into an ongoing campaign of proactive media interest that continues to this day, delivering value that far surpasses the original objectives of the launch campaign.

“Thanks to the brilliant efforts of the EC-PR team, the paper has gone from strength to strength with over six magazine headlines and four front cover articles.”

Jake Rigby

Research & Development Lead , BMT


100% placement of articles in target media

Results in detail

EC-PR secured interviews and coverage ahead of and at DSEI in tier 1 target media titles including IHS Jane’s, Shephard Media, Armada International, Military Technology and Global Defence Technology, achieving a strong and authoritative share of voice on naval autonomy even within a crowded news cycle.

Coverage from the launch of the insight paper was secured during the show and featured as one of Shephard Media’s top stories in its show daily on the first day of DSEI, and BMT was featured across key defence media outlets and social media channels throughout the event.

Through ongoing engagement with the media after DSEI, BMT continues to own a strong share of voice on naval autonomy with a sustained media interest on the company’s insights into this critical aspect of naval operations which endures today. The company is a recognised authority on the complexities of achieving increasing naval autonomy and is regularly approached for commentary and insights on the topic.

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