Type 31e: Two’s company, three’s a competition

Does our defence procurement process need to be more flexible and agile? The end of this week marks the deadline for industry to submit their proposals for the design phase of the UK Royal Navy’s Type 31e frigate requirement.  As much as you can understand the reasons...

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SMM Fair 2018: What I learnt in 25,000 steps

Whilst preparing for SMM Fair 2018, I was fully aware that it was a big show; you only need to look through the exhibitor list to understand that. But it’s only once you’re there and in the thick of it that you truly appreciate the sheer magnitude of what is certainly...

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“What the 80’s taught me about PR”

I spent the start of my career, the 80s, working in advertising, account handling campaigns for brands such as Birds Eye, Max Factor and Texaco.  It was a time of creative brilliance and financial excess.  A time when ad agencies acquired PR...

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Posidonia 2018: A three-day whirlwind

When Lorraine and I first discussed going to Posidonia this year, we couldn’t quite believe that in the decade of working within the maritime sector, we were still ‘Posidonia virgins’.  At last, the stars aligned (or should I say diaries) and...

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Event Publicity: The Follow Up

The show is over folks… the attendees have left and the doors on your event are firmly closed. Now, it’s time to relax with a well-earned cuppa and some tasty biscuits. Don’t get too comfortable though.  Just because your event is over doesn’t...

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Event Publicity: Handling the unexpected

You’ve prepped your ice-breakers, the Press Releases are printed out and you’ve got your contacts details all programmed in your phone.  Now to prepare for the unexpected. If a journalist happens to come by the stand unexpectedly or asks a...

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Thought Leadership: How To Communicate Authoritatively

If you’ve actioned Stages 1 & 2 in our last blog HOW TO BECOME AN INDUSTRY THOUGHT LEADER you will be smiling like a Cheshire Cat about the fine piece of valuable content you have in your possession.  But how do you get it to be seen and heard by the...

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Event Publicity: Networking with the media like a pro

Trade shows and exhibitions are all about making connections - networking.   Whether that is meeting new people or strengthening existing relationships, your role is to engage with your industry’s media and deliver a story.  Be confident with your messaging and...

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Thought Leadership: How To Become An Industry Influencer

You are already an expert in your field but becoming a thought leader is considered the holy grail of PR and marketing. It’s when you’re called by the BBC News to be an expert on a breaking story, when the most respected industry trade magazine calls you for your...

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