Liz Churchman

Head of the PR delivery machine at EC-PR, Liz has been delivering B2B PR communication strategy since 2003. Her first career in telecoms giant BT gave Liz exceptional customer service skills and an appreciation of the importance of brand reputation. These have served her well since she traversed intothe world of tech PR in the early noughties. Liz delivers client projects to target and with clockwork efficiency, deploying her Scottish charm with nuclear impact. Liz’s tenacious approach to tech challenges, ensures she can position her clients as industry leaders and commentators on hot topics.
How to pitch to B2B media

How to pitch to B2B media

With an increasing move towards remote working and fewer opportunities for face-to-face meetings, it’s more important than ever for PRs to cut through the noise and get their journalist pitch ‘right first time’ if they have any hope of building enduring relationships...

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