Building a competitive advantage with B2B PR white papers

Apr 17, 2020 | B2B PR Blog, Technical Authorship, White paper

A strong B2B PR strategy needs to facilitate opportunities to position you as a genuine leader in your industry.

One beneficial way to do this is to create more in-depth, forward-thinking content such as B2B PR white papers.

What is B2B PR white paper in marketing?

Many companies rely on white papers in marketing. Think of a white paper as a guide about a specific topic written by an expert in the field. You can use white papers to provide your informed opinion about a particular topic or to relay important research, discoveries, or advancements in the topic.

For example, let’s say your business provides building maintenance services. You could produce a white paper about the challenges of such services and the potential cost savings that ongoing maintenance can provide.

Phases of writing effective PR white papers

Writing a white paper that benefits your B2B PR strategy is a tricky process, but there are five clear steps to follow.

1. Identify beneficial topics

To reap the PR benefits, your white paper needs to cover a strong and engaging topic. You want to find a topic that is popular today to capture a wider audience and attract interest. Ideally, choose a topic that hasn’t been covered extensively already.

2. Find an original angle

To generate interest, you need to avoid reiterating the same information everyone else has written in their white papers and articles about your chosen topic. What information or insight is missing from the conversation? What would make readers choose your content over someone else’s?

Technical Authorship Typing

3. Assemble the technical data

With your topic and angle established, the research begins. You need to gather and write down the expert insights and key data that will form the basis of your white paper.

4. Write a press-ready white paper

For many companies, this is the trickiest part of the process: you need to translate your technical data and insights into terms that are relatable to the public. This requires an eye for writing and an understanding of your target customers.


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5. Publish and publicise your white paper

After all the research, writing, and editing, it’s time to promote your white paper and make the most of it. When it’s published, spread the word on social media, on your website, in your email newsletters, and more.

How B2B PR white papers can help your company

Businesses are very discerning customers, and they need to know that their next vendor (you) is an expert in your industry. B2B PR white papers make that happen.

To start working on your next white paper or other PR strategies, contact our B2B PR firm today.

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