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Have you found that your editorial content sometimes flies and sometimes flops with journalists or on social media? Discover the common mistakes and best practice for writing great editorial in our blog below.

If you struggle to get started, we hope this blog will also stop the block! Start tapping into your creative side and produce genuinely interesting content that is factually correct and gets journalists excited.

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7 Ways PR differs from advertising

7 Ways PR differs from advertising

The key difference between PR and advertising is that advertising space is paid for while editorial space is not – the impact on how and why you use one over the other is rooted in this fundamental difference. There are 7 principle ways that public relations is...

How to write a tech news release in 2021

How to write a tech news release in 2021

10 questions to consider when writing a tech news release There are ten key questions you should consider when you start planning a tech news release. The purpose of a news release is to communicate to your target audiences that you are an active player in the market...

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