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EC-PR has its finger on the pulse of the world of info-security
This is fast-growing and increasingly important sector, as consumer and business activity rockets over the Internet.

In terms of PR this is an area of exciting technical advances, where we love to promote new ideas and engage stakeholders. But on the opposite side of the coin, it’s a sector affected massively by high profile disasterous headlines for those who fall victim to cyber crime, hacking and data protection failures.

With EC-PR we are on top of the cybersecurity news agenda that affects both businesses and ordinary consumers. We can deftly handle the needs of our cybersecurity clients, be that developing news items and content for publications, through to raising the profile of senior cybersecurity executives.

EC-PR has achieved 194% growth

EC-PR has achieved 194% growth

The B2B Tech agency EC-PR has grown its team and won nine consecutive PR contracts London: EC-PR, B2B Technology PR agency, has seen significant growth in the past year, with the team growing from just two to seven, and achieving nine consecutive contract wins. The...

Cybersecurity – Media Training Case Study

Cybersecurity – Media Training Case Study

How to equip spokespeople to confidently engage with journalistsRequirement The Mason Advisory Cybersecurity practice awareness campaign has delivered consistent brand visibility and as the campaign gathers momentum, there will be increased opportunity for its experts...

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