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AzteQ – IT Services PR Case Study

AzteQ – IT Services PR Case Study

AzteQ - Pedal to the metal

How EC-PR helped AzteQ achieve focus with a communication strategy that has resulted in better client relationships and winning more business.


When EC-PR approached AzteQ in 2019, it was operating as three separate technology businesses, comprising a managed services element, user adoption specialist and an ICT support provider. The three companies had been merged just before the outbreak of COVID-19, in the firm belief that together the company had a powerful, yet still undefined, market offering.


Operating in the highly competitive technology market, the newly formed company lacked a clearly articulated value proposition – a compelling reason to choose the AzteQ brand – and as a result, the brand lacked purpose and visibility. The natural desire to chase all available sales opportunities meant the business needed focus regarding who it should proactively target, and messaging was poorly defined and inconsistent. Nevertheless, the business benefited from visionary leadership, in-depth senior expertise and a resolute commitment to doubling the size of the business over the next two years.  AzteQ is a small business and any investments, internal or external, must work hard and deliver outcomes which drive business growth.


EC-PR facilitated two Messaging Lab workshops, the output of which was the communication strategy, which comprises five key elements: the value proposition;  industry prioritisation; target personas; positioning statements and messaging.

In addition and to evidence the company’s commitment to its customer-first approach, EC-PR helped the company to document its unique approach to client solutions in a clearly defined, and therefore repeatable, step-by-step, method statement. The result of this collaboration is AzteQ CUBe, the user-first framework for digital transformation strategy.

EC-PR interviewed a cross section of AzteQ customers to obtain feedback to shape the business’ priorities and refine the communication strategy.  The final version of which was used to brief both the branding agency and web designer so that all the marketing assets, including the website, are aligned moving forward.

Separately, in preparation for the PR delivery stage, a Media Lens competitive benchmarking process was undertaken to identify the topics on which an AzteQ editorial narrative could be developed.


The Communication Strategy has provided clarity and unity of purpose, across both the leadership team and the entire business.  After just a few months AzteQ has emerged with a strong value proposition, new brand identity and clear, compelling messaging with which to approach the marketplace. It is winning business, having more interesting conversations and its already motivated workforce is now focused, engaged and turbo-charged!

Its unique delivery model, AzteQ CUBe, has received excellent feedback from employees and customers. The step-by-step guide, “Building a User-first Technology Framework”, has been well received by AzteQ’s integrators and resellers, giving rise to powerful, new alliances.

AzteQ CUBe logo

“AzteQ has seen an incredible transformation, with return on our investment in EC-PR within months, particularly in building more depth of business with our current clients. From the messaging labs to the launch event, EC-PR has taken success way beyond what I thought possible.”

Pip Thomas

Customer Experience Director, AzteQ


AzteQ identified the following business benefits because of the work with EC-PR:

  1. Our tenders are more comprehensive, targeted and relevant
  2. Prospects are more interested in what we have to say
  3. Starting conversations is easier and we get to the issue quicker
  4. We are clearly differentiated from our competitors
  5. Our leadership is aligned
  6. Our people are more engaged with the business and understand where they fit
  7. We are more consistent in the way we all talk about AzteQ
  1. We know exactly who we should be targeting saving time and resources
  2. We know what we should be saying to secure interest
  3. We feel we are now presenting the best version of AzteQ to the wider world
  4. There is less ambiguity in our communication internally and externally
  5. We are more visible, valued & understood in our marketplace
  6. We understand what is required by our customers is a speedy process
  7. The assets we are building are future-proofed
technology pr

Technology PR

EC-PR is a B2B PR agency specialising in Technology PR and STEM industries. Read more about our Tech PR offering here.


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IPTEnergised Environment PR Case Study

IPTEnergised Environment PR Case Study


B2B PR Case Study - energy & environment
ipte environment pr case study


Founded in 2013, ITPEnergised is a world leading consultancy providing energy, environmental, engineering, technical advisory and renewables asset management services on thousands of projects at all scales, in more than 150 countries.

ITPEnergised ITPE logo


Lack of clarity and consistency in marketing communications with energy and environment target audiences

With an ambitious and visionary Managing Director at the helm, Jonny Clark was focused on growing the business but recognised that to do so, there were aspects of the business that required attention.  Particularly, the absence of a clearly defined communication strategy meant that there was a lack of consistency across the organisation when communicating with its target audience both in how it differentiates itself and why customers should care.

envrionment pr and communication strategy to stand out
With a rapidly growing market and competition fierce, it became clear that a more targeted and focused approach to its marketing and communications was needed to ensure ITPEnergised stood out from the crowd and were in the best possible position to deliver against their growth objectives.


Communication strategy,  stakeholder research and B2B PR campaign planning

Through the facilitation of its Messaging Lab workshops and in-depth engagement with the senior leadership team, EC-PR developed a communication strategy which included five key components:

1 the value proposition;
2 industry prioritisation;
3 target personas;
4 positioning statements
5 and messaging.

This strategy now forms the backbone, to inform and guide all marketing communications moving forward.

To ensure the communication strategy is aligned with customers’ perceptions, EC-PR also conducted validation research amongst a small group of ITPE’s external stakeholders.



“Thanks to EC-PR’s support, we now have a blueprint which clearly defines how sales and marketing are going to assist us in delivering the business plan, providing us with clarity as to where we need to invest our resources for greatest impact.  We now feel a sense of empowerment and it has renewed passion and pride in what makes the ITPE brand so special.”

Jonny Clarke

Managing Director, ITPEnergised

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What to know when conducting B2B PR stakeholder research

What to know when conducting B2B PR stakeholder research

What to know when conducting B2B PR stakeholder research

A strong B2B PR strategy takes a lot of time, effort, and knowledge, but that isn’t all. If you don’t start with the right research, your hard work may go to waste.

Before you take another step and waste another dollar, make B2B PR stakeholder research your top priority.

What is B2B PR stakeholder research?

B2B PR stakeholder research is the process of digging deeper into your potential customers. You investigate the decision-makers at your target companies to find out what they know about you and how they perceive you.

Stakeholder research also involves delving into those stakeholders’ needs. What do they want from a business in your position, and why haven’t they recognised your ability to fill that need?

What problems does B2B PR stakeholder research solve?

Stakeholder research is a critical step in PR because it provides several types of discoveries that inform not only your PR strategy but your marketing strategy and business decisions too.

Measuring progress

Measuring your results from your PR strategy is critical, but you can’t do that if you don’t have a starting point. Stakeholder research uncovers where the level of brand awareness and public image is so that you can track progress and see how the needle shifts over a given period of time.

Identifying pain points

To appeal to your customers, you need to find out what problems they are facing and subsequently, the support they need. Stakeholder research allows you to learn not only the needs of your target businesses but the needs of decision-makers within those companies, whether they’re looking for cost savings, a shorter to-do list, or extra security.


DOWNLOAD: Your 8-step communication strategy

Choosing productive PR channels

In the course of stakeholder research, we investigate how your customers are getting their decision-making information. If there are certain sources and publications they trust, this is where you can focus your PR efforts.

Tips for B2B PR stakeholder research

If your stakeholder research is lacking, we have a few essential tips to help you get in the game.

Use an ongoing strategy

Stakeholder research isn’t something you should do once and set aside to forget about. You need to follow up regularly. This allows you to measure your progress and adjust your strategy based on what is and isn’t working.

Love hearts in bowl. Understanding your stakeholders.

Consider your pipeline

Stakeholder research is all about investigating the businesses as well as the specific individuals within those businesses that make the decisions. The professionals themselves will vary based on the product or service you provide.

Regardless of your industry, dive into the organisational structure of your target customers to find out who you need to connect with.

Look for gaps

In the course of your research, you should discover a lot about what your stakeholders want. Chances are that your competitors aren’t answering all those needs. Focus on the gaps between what the stakeholders want and what your competitors provide, then show them how you fill those gaps.

Ask for stakeholder engagement in research

There’s no better way to get inside the minds of your stakeholders than to go straight to the source. Ask for stakeholder engagement in research so you can get honest answers and reliable data.

Starting your stakeholder research journey

Whether your company is five decades old or five months old, your B2B PR stakeholder research is a critical step in building an effective PR strategy. To start leveraging stakeholder research to its fullest potential, contact our B2B PR specialists.

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Defence – Stakeholder Research Case Study

Defence – Stakeholder Research Case Study

Defence - Stakeholder Research

Gathering internal intelligence and building key relationships


BMT is a global multi-disciplinary maritime engineering consultancy comprising 23 subsidiaries each serving clients in the energy, transport and defence sectors. The purpose of the research at the beginning of the PR relationships was to open channels of communication, set and manage expectations whilst developing strong, working relationships with BMT’s Directors to help refine the Group PR Strategy.


An intensive and structured fact finding programme involving recorded interviews with 35 subsidiary MDs and Senior Group Executives, including the Sector and Regional Directors, FD and BMT Group Chairman was commissioned.


“The project was invaluable both in terms of intelligence gathering and as a means to rapidly establish relationships with the senior operators within the group.”

Jenni Williamson

Group Marketing Manager, BMT Group


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Stakeholder Research

Stakeholder Research

Stakeholder research

By understanding your stakeholders we can tailor our communication to tap into what matters to them.


By understanding your stakeholders we can tailor our communication to tap into what matters to them.

You can only influence others when you see them as they are, not as you wish they were.

Our research will give you a clear idea of how you are really perceived, not how you want to see yourself, this gives you the advantage of clarity and a true benchmark based on reality.

“The project was conducted at a critical stage in the business’s evolution and provided invaluable intelligence and business planning insight. With independent third party guidance, I have been able to make key decisions in the knowledge that they are being taken in the organisation’s best interest”
Tim Hulme

Chief Executive , BLL

Why do research?

Whether your audience is internal or external, robust insight informs and empowers a communication strategy.  It equips you to make better business decisions and enables your B2B PR to be more effective. Knowing, not assuming or best-guessing or using your gut but really knowing your stakeholders is what our research helps you to achieve. How they perceive their challenges, priorities and aspirations and where you, and your competitors, fit into their world. This kind of knowledge can be the difference between success or failure, sound investment or wasted spending.

Specific outcomes

Choosing a focus for your research project is important. Here are some objectives that repeatedly find their way in to our research briefs:

  1. What are our customers and prospects immediate priorities, i.e. what are we competing with to get their attention?
  2. What information do our customers/prospects rely on to help them make decisions, i.e. where do we need to appear in order to be seen and to be credible?
  3. What do our customers/prospects think we offer and do they think we are any good at it, i.e. what is our primary task?
  4. What are the barriers to entry in this marketplace, i.e. what is stopping them from considering partnering with/buying from us?

Start at the end

Stakeholder research undertaken at the outset of a B2B PR campaign provides insight into organisational and project requirements, goals and competencies, as well as individual biases, personalities and tensions which may influence how we go about achieving the public relations and communication objectives. Our approach helps to refocus attention on what is important and helps organisations to invest energy in better performance.

What makes a communication strategy successful?

What makes a communication strategy successful?

To make a communication strategy successful, it must be both effective and engaging. In order to be effective, your communication strategy must be well structured, logical, and concise. There are five key elements that provide your communication strategy with...

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AzteQ – IT Services PR Case Study

AzteQ – IT Services PR Case Study

Context When EC-PR approached AzteQ in 2019, it was operating as three separate technology businesses, comprising a managed services element, user adoption specialist and an ICT support provider. The three companies had been merged just before the outbreak of...

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