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At ec-pr we realised some time ago that generating great publicity comes from understanding people. Good publicists have mastered the art of communication and are able to work in tight collaboration with smart, engaging business people. The best PR agencies find out who their clients’ audiences are, what they talk about and how to reach them.

Our whole business is built around this idea of engaging, accountable and thought-provoking PR.

At ec-pr we work closely with our clients, often business with highly technical products and services, and we help them navigate obstacles, problems and crises. We have worked hard to make our PR activities measurable and guarantee the success of our efforts.

We excel at translating technical complexity into great press releases and top-notch editorial that people want to read. We find the human story within the facts and make it interesting and readily usable by journalists.

Read on to find out more about our approach to PR. And then, if you are trying to find a PR agency that is refreshingly different, and who is bought into your success, you need to speak to Lorraine at ec-pr today.

EC-PR has achieved 194% growth

EC-PR has achieved 194% growth

The B2B Tech agency EC-PR has grown its team and won nine consecutive PR contracts London: EC-PR, B2B Technology PR agency, has seen significant growth in the past year, with the team growing from just two to seven, and achieving nine consecutive contract wins. The...

What to do with difficult PR clients

What to do with difficult PR clients

Client relationships, like any type of business or personal relationships, require nurturing, regular communication, time and effort. Every relationship will have the occasional bump in the road, but most issues can be ironed out with a phone call or a friendly...

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