2023: The year our pack evolved and grew

by | Jan 8, 2024 | B2B PR Blog, LinkedIn, Our PR approach

If aliens had paid a flying visit to EC-PR 12 months ago and then popped in for mince pies again over Christmas they would wonder if they had returned to the same planet – because EC-PR has changed beyond all recognition in six beautiful ways.

1. New brand & lead statement

2023 saw the launch of a new distinctive look and feel for the EC-PR brand underpinned by a powerful lead statement: The Instinct to be Distinct – supported by vivid, eye-catching imagery. The new brand reflects a more mature, confident agency on a mission to drive out bland B2B comms, campaigns, and content. Every asset has been updated, and all comms from the agency are inspired by the new positioning while remaining committed to the rigorous process and discipline for which the agency has become known.

2. New product

Earlier this year, our Innovation Pillar brought Catalyst+ to market. After months of testing and finetuning, the white glove service designed to get Leaders on LinkedIn debuted. The first three clients who contracted the full service received outstanding results, each with very different objectives.  80% of EC-PR clients are now benefiting from Catalyst in one form or another, and we expect it to be a key business driver in 2024, helping to drive reach, influence, and trust at the highest levels of business, nurturing relationships and opportunity.

3. New clients

It has been a tough year, no question, with a very slow start due to our preoccupation with our rebrand, but we have been tenacious in hunting down and winning business and growing client accounts. Each of our clients has unique ambitions and challenges, with talented teams led by brilliant leaders, whom we are thrilled to support.

4. Brilliant panel

Our ‘Leaders on LinkedIn’ digital event hosted by our own Liz Churchman in November was IMMENSE! I could not be prouder. The look, feel, content, expertise, and value shared over the 60 minutes was of the highest quality. Our Chair, William Carson, led with intuition, and a steady hand. His experience showing as he shepherded our panel of senior leaders, which included Ciara Barron – Blu Wireless, Billy Burnet – XTM International, Cheri Burns – Encompass Corporation, Johnny Halife – SOUTHWORKS, Lea Turner – Lea does LinkedIn and Andy Yeoman – Concirrus and just managing to close the event on time!

5. New insight

We produced our report following the event at hyperspeed. Our report: “Leaders on LinkedIn, The Catalyst for Driving Growth” is 26 pages stuffed with actionable insight, practical advice, and case study evidence. Divided into three key themes, the report explores in depth:

  • Personal branding as a driver for business growth (mini case study)
  • Creating the business case for leaders on LinkedIn
  • Navigating the pitfalls and objections

If you haven’t read the report you’re missing out; it looks mouth-watering, and the content will satisfy your hunger for knowledge!

6. New fCMO

We renewed our relationship with a former client in a somewhat unusual way. We’ve been fans of Caroline Hurst, so much so that we built one of our target personas around her. When we discovered she was seeking new opportunities to sit alongside her already busy life as a hot chili marketer – more of that another time, I’m sure – we leapt at the chance. Caroline is a brilliant marketer, and we are delighted to have her attention as we continue to up our game and turn on the turbo for 2024. Watch this space. The pride is getting ready to hunt!

7. New Deputy Managing Director

With enormous pride, pun intended, Liz was promoted to Deputy Managing Director. After 20 years of working together, she has been part of the mission and vision from the off – we are at that stage of our relationship where she finishes off my sentences and all too frequently, we turn up to events in matching outfits – if it weren’t so funny, it would be disturbing! Liz is talented, kind, honest and committed. I could not wish for a better wingwoman; she will help lead the pack with a distinct purpose, and it is only a matter of time before she takes on the whole show for which she is admirably capable.

So, all that’s left to say is – that I wish you peace and happiness for the festive period and prosperity and health for the new year.

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