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Are you ready to discover the hidden gem of marketing channels that could transform your tech business? Look no further!

LinkedIn, when harnessed correctly, can be your secret weapon for increasing customers, opening new doors, and elevating your company’s reputation. It’s time to turn potential into profit!

Many examples show having active leaders on LinkedIn is one of the most underused and cost-effective ways to find new business opportunities, build your company reputation, and attract great talent.

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Uncover the challenges:

We understand that not everyone has cracked the code to LinkedIn success. Especially when senior leaders are pressed for time, lack a deep understanding of the platform, and miss out on its full potential. It’s time to change that narrative!

Even though it’s one of the biggest and potentially lowest-cost marketing channels for a mid-sized business, it’s not approached methodically.

Often CMOs and Marketing Leaders struggle to persuade Senior Executives to leverage social effectively. Leaders have their own personal ad hoc approaches that do not benefit from all the learnings available.

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Download “Leaders on LinkedIn,” our exclusive report that includes insights and advice from:

Six successful leaders:

Benefit from the experiences of six leaders who have overcome the very challenges you’re facing. Their insights and strategies are your roadmap to LinkedIn success!

Expert guidance

Gain invaluable advice from one of LinkedIn’s most prestigious experts. Unlock the secrets to LinkedIn mastery from the best in the business.

Meet our expert panel

Ciara Barron
Director of Marketing at Blu Wireless

billy burnet

Billy Burnet
VP of Marketing at XTM International

cheri burns

Cheri Burns
Global PR strategist and leader, Encompass Corporation

johnny halife

Johnny Halife
Partner at Southworks

lea turner

Lea Turner
Director at Lea Does LinkedIn

andy yeoman

Andy Yeoman
Chief Executive at Concirrus

william carson

William Carson
Director of Market Engagement at Ascensos

Liz Churchman

Liz Churchman
Deputy Managing Director at EC-PR
(Your host)

What You’ll Discover

Practical tips and tricks for LinkedIn success

Pitfalls to avoid on your journey.

A structured, effective approach to activating your C-suite execs on LinkedIn.

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