Sustainability Live London: PR & communications challenges for green tech

by | Sep 12, 2023 | Communication Strategy, Networking, Our PR approach, Trade Events

This week, our Managing Director, Lorraine Emmett, and Senior Account Manager Rachel Emmett (same surname though unrelated), headed to Sustainability Live London. Their mission? To delve deep into the realms of Green Tech, engaging with industry experts to uncover trends, tackle challenges, and uncover valuable insights. 

The issue: people have been burnt by PR agencies in the past

One striking revelation during our conversations was the common plight of those who had been let down by PR agencies in the past. They recounted tales of agencies that failed to grasp the nuances of their industry, attempting to fit square pegs into round holes by placing them in publications without a genuine connection to their target audience. The result? Minimal impact.

At EC-PR we follow an exhaustive 8-step communication strategy, a process that hinges on a thorough analysis of an organisation’s ideal clientele. We scrutinise how they consume news, what publications they frequent, and their social media preferences. This meticulous approach ensures that our clients are strategically positioned in the right publications, forging a meaningful connection with their intended audience.

The challenge: the battle for brand recognition in the sustainability industry

Another challenge surfaced during our discussions—the fierce competition for brand recognition. One individual shared their experience as a growing company venturing into new markets. The daunting reality? A sea of obscurity. This dilemma underscores our brand tagline, ‘The Instinct to be Distinct.’ We understand that in a vast ocean of blue competitors, your brand must stand out above the waves and be instantly recognisable. 

The takeaways: insights for sustainable progress

  • The importance of communication. Communication was a theme throughout the event, with many speakers highlighting the need for businesses to communicate their sustainability goals effectively to their stakeholders. This includes customers, employees, suppliers, and investors.
  • The need for collaboration. Achieving sustainability goals is not something that businesses can do alone. They need to work together with other businesses, governments, and individuals.
  • The power of technology. Technology can play a major role in helping businesses to reduce their environmental impact. There are a number of innovative technologies that are being developed to make this possible from helping you to manage and develop the sustainability of your supply chain, to energy efficiency solutions, and smart transportation.

In an illuminating presentation by James Butcher, CEO of Supply Pilot, the focus was on fostering sustainability in supplier relationships. Beyond the reduction of Scope 3 emissions, Butcher stressed the importance of collaborative contracts, where the carrot outweighs the stick. He emphasised that if you take the approach of ‘the stick’, this can lead to suppliers walking away. A better approach is to view it as a journey you are walking together. To do this you need to start by talking with your suppliers – to find out what sustainability means to them and their business.

In fact, communication was a theme throughout the sessions we attended, as Rhian Kelly, Chief Sustainability Officer for the National Grid, also highlighted the vital role of two-way communication with service-users and stakeholders on social media. Broadcasting to people or simply dictating how they should behave is less effective than coming alongside them and working with them to get there in collaboration.

Our day at Sustainability Live London was a captivating blend of learning, networking, and engaging conversations. It reaffirmed the significance of understanding your audience, standing out in a crowded market, and fostering collaborative, sustainable relationships in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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