How to optimise your LinkedIn posts for maximum engagement

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3 Ways to optimise each kind of post and crack the LinkedIn algorithm

In our previous blog about the much anticipated Algorithm Insights 2024 report from LinkedIn™ trainer, Richard van de Blom and AuthoredUp we revealed the top 10 takeaways you need to know from this 123-page data marathon!

In this blog, we’ll share the top three ways you can ensure optimum reach and engagement for the different types of posts you will see created on LinkedIn™, following the authors’ analysis of over 1.5 million posts between November 2022 to November 2023.

Use a wide variety of post formats

Based on the fact the LinkedIn™ algorithm is always changing and adapting, we recommend continuing to use a wide-variety of post formats to ensure you never put all your eggs in one basket. And the fact is your audience will have different personal preferences, so if you’re trying to reach a certain persona with your content, you need to be willing to adapt your style to cater to these different content preferences.

To kick us off, we’ll start with the most popular format people use on LinkedIn™, the Text + Image post.

How to optimise the Text + Image post

Keep the text to between 900 and 1,200 characters and use short sentences (under 12 words long).

  1. Five portrait images is ideal or a relevant selfie (again in portrait*) to increase your post’s reach.
  2. Use brand colours and themes in images to help increase brand recall.
  3. Use for storytelling, for sharing infographics, event content and industry-related posts.

* Content created in portrait (vertical) mode offers improved LinkedIn reach and engagement due to people’s use of mobile phones to access LinkedIn.

linkedin team post

What works best with the LinkedIn Carousel (also known as Document Posts)

  1. Aim for 12-13 slides in portrait for optimum reach and engagement. Each slide should contain between 25-50 words.
  2. Keep the accompanying text that introduces the carousel to under 500 characters.
  3. Post in the morning for optimum results.

Use for thought leadership, employer branding and educational content.

LinkedIn carousel example post

How best to use LinkedIn Polls

  1. Polls achieve high reach for personal profiles and do even better on company pages but use sparingly for optimum effect.
  2. Provide context and the poll’s objectives in the accompanying text. But keep this text to under 500 characters.
  3. Offer three answer choices. One of these should say something like, “Other – see my answer in the comments” to drive engagement. Keep the poll going for a week.

Text-only posts

  1. These posts generally perform better than average for personal profiles. However, they do not perform well for company pages.
  2. Text length should be between 1,800 and 2,100 characters.
  3. The opening 2-3 sentences are crucial for reader retention and should end on a question to encouragement engagement.

Use for external calls to action such as for downloads and event sign ups. Ideal for storytelling and educational content.

How to optimise Text-only LinkedIn post

What is best practice for LinkedIn Video posts?

  1. Videos outperform other content types in terms of engagement.
  2. The ideal video length is between 1 and 2 minutes and the accompanying text needs to be under 500 characters.
  3. Film in portrait and upload to LinkedIn directly – avoid Vimeo or YouTube links.

Use for building thought leadership, event content and employer branding.

Best Performing LinkedIn Video Posts

And finally, don’t forget the power of LinkedIn interaction…

The release of the Algorithm Insights 2024 report unveils important learnings for maximising your reach and engagement on LinkedIn™.

Given the ever-changing nature of the algorithm we continue to recommend a diverse approach that includes all of these posting types and hope to see you sharing your posts on LinkedIn ™ soon. One important aspect to remember is the key role of commenting on your colleagues, prospects and industry peers posts. Engagement on LinkedIn™ is critical – after all it’s called Social Networking for a reason.

Also, don’t feel you need to follow these tips rigidly. You shouldn’t be afraid to sometimes break the rules. Creativity knows no bounds and sometimes you’ll get unexpected results.

And if this all seems to much to take in, do feel free to get in touch. We run our Catalyst service – personal branding for the C-Suite – can also manage your company LinkedIn™ page – leaving your content to the experts and leaving you free to get on with the day job. Find out more about our Catalyst service here where you’ll also find access to a free download – our whitepaper titled Leaders on LinkedIn™.

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