2023: A year of growth, adaptability and unwavering team spirit

This year, our strength and resilience have been tested, but despite some of the challenges we have endured, there has been significant empowerment both personally and as a team. It’s crazy to comprehend everything we’ve achieved as a business over the last 12 months. As we close off yet another year, we took time at our company All-hands meeting this month to celebrate some of our key achievements.

An award-winning agency?

Can we call ourselves award-winning? Yes, we can, sort of! This year, we produced an award-winning submission for Concirrus, who picked up Gold for Data Analytics Excellence at the Insurance Times Tech & Innovation Awards.

Helping Concirrus to secure this industry award represented a pinnacle of success for us, too, showcasing our ability to position the business as a leader within its field. It’s a testament to our expertise in navigating the intricacies of the incredibly competitive B2B tech landscape, amplifying Concirrus’ brand distinction, and solidifying our reputation as invaluable partners in their journey towards recognition and eminence.

Thought leadership: building brand trust.

Helping leaders find their unique voice and carve out a compelling and thought-provoking narrative on the subjects that matter to them is a core part of our distinct offering. We do this day in, and day out through our clients owned and earned media channels, delivering high-quality content that editors want to publish.

Having been tasked with securing the ultimate piece of coverage as part of their wish list, our client, Blu Wireless, saw their name in lights in one of the most respected magazines within the global defence sector. This was no mean feat and was underpinned by an effective and consistent approach to our thought leadership and media outreach strategy, presenting bespoke and distinctive editorial ideas to our media contacts.

New personal branding service unveiled.

Innovation is one of our core business pillars, and this year, the team has worked tirelessly at creating, testing, implementing and finally launching Catalyst, our new white-glove service for business leaders looking to harness LinkedIn to drive business growth.

There has been a huge amount of learning along the way, but we were able to see the fruits of our labour at our recent ‘Leaders on LinkedIn’ digital event. This event brought together leading marketing professionals, c-suite executives and business founders from across the B2B technology space to discuss the benefits of active Leaders on LinkedIn and answered three critical questions:

  1. How can personal branding for c-suite leaders improve key business metrics from reputation to commercial opportunities?
  2. How can marketing leaders build a business case for leaders to be more active on LinkedIn?
  3. What are the common pitfalls to avoid, and how do you overcome objections from your leadership team?

Their insights and experiences were enlightening, and if you haven’t downloaded a copy of the report, make sure you do.

As we continue to recognise that ‘people buy from people’, I have no doubt that LinkedIn will continue to grow and become more of a priority for B2B Marketers, helping to build brand awareness and trust. It’s no longer simply being used to find a new job, and not one of our senior leaders from our event had any regrets about the time and effort they had invested. They talked about using it to save a business, as well as launch, build and grow the brands for which they are responsible. All of this was underpinned by authenticity, consistency, and a supportive business community. Yes, it requires time and effort, but the rewards are plentiful and for our own business, it’s non-negotiable.

2024: more celebration

Coming together in December to celebrate our achievements was incredibly special after what we all agreed has been ‘a learning year’. But, if you’re not learning, you’re not moving forward, right? So, as we step into the New Year, we eagerly anticipate the triumphs and the learnings, building upon successes while steering towards even greater milestones.

Here’s to continued celebrations and an exciting journey ahead!

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