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How EC-PR built brand visibility in key target markets for Blu Wireless and achieved #1 Share of Voice in the UK amongst competitors


Blu Wireless is disrupting the market with ultra-fast and seamless 5G mmWave solutions engineered for emerging connectivity needs – from smart city networks to connected vehicles and high-speed transport. Blu Wireless works with integrators, manufacturers and service providers to deliver the superior reliability and speeds of connectivity needed for the data-intensive applications of the future.


Blu Wireless’ awareness in its key market segments was varied. In high-speed transport, it had a relatively high level of recognition but wanted to build strong thought leadership in key target publications. In other key target markets, such as defence, the brand needed visibility and wanted to gain recognition for their expertise in this field.


EC-PR proposed a 12-month media campaign titled ‘Leading with intent’ aimed at ensuring Blu Wireless becomes visible, valued and understood amongst its target customers (C-suite executives and technical experts such as Senior Engineers) across three core segments – public safety/smart cities, defence and high-speed transport, in both the UK and USA. The main objectives of the campaign were to increase brand visibility through thought leadership and establish a dominant share of voice on key messages.

The campaign was centred around a highly targeted proactive media outreach. This was underpinned by strong customer proof points/case studies, partnerships (Blu Wireless’ collaboration with Liverpool 5G Create), thought leadership content (an insight paper) and carefully crafted media narratives that highlighted the disruptive effect of mmWave technology on the future of the three vertical markets and the pioneering expertise that Blu Wireless could offer. 


Within a year, Blu Wireless achieved #1 Share of Voice (61%) in the UK among its key competitors, with the next best competitor recording just 16% of the UK Share of Voice. The campaign generated tier 1 press coverage in key verticals, particularly in transport and defence-focused publications, such as Global Railway Review and European Security & Defence.

Blu Wireless’ partnership with the Liverpool 5G Project has also garnered a steady stream of coverage in key IT and telecoms publications, such as Computer Weekly, Government Computing, and UK 5G Innovation Briefing.

The ‘Public Safety Beyond Covid-19’ insight paper featured contributions from five authors, notably from the University of Liverpool/Liverpool 5G Create Project Lead and Connectivity Technologies Ecosystems Manager at Facebook, helping cement Blu Wireless’ authority and visibility in the 5G space.

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EC-PR has become our strategic communications partner that delivers not just robust advice but also challenges us as a business. Their ability to create outstanding thought leadership is complemented with a highly professional, tenacious and transparent approach to campaign delivery.

Ciara Barron

Head of Brand and Communications, Blu Wireless

EC-PR’s in-depth understanding of the telecoms and transport industries has strengthened our thought leadership in these markets. What was particularly valuable to us was EC-PR’s strategic recommendation onto how to build awareness in the defence sector where we have started to see some positive results.

Mark Barrett

Chief Marketing Officer, Blu Wireless



Share of Voice in the UK against its key competitors


Share of Voice compared to its nearest competitor who recorded 16%

Tier 1

Press coverage, such as Global Railway Review and European Security & Defence

Share of Voice in the UK against its key competitors

Share of Voice compared to its nearest competitor who recorded 16%

Press coverage, such as Global Railway Review and European Security & Defence

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