Liz Churchman

Co-Founder of Emmett & Churchman Ltd, Liz has 15 years’ B2B PR experience under her belt. Starting her career in telecoms giant BT, she quickly progressed through the ranks. She developed a strong ability to communicate effectively with the organisation’s most prestigious customers with great success.

Liz ChurchmanPutting customer service into PR

Reaching a junction in her career, Liz took the brave step in 2003 to join the PR world. She recognised rightly that her passion for communication and high-quality customer service would be invaluable in an industry known for its ‘smoke and mirrors’.

Joining Emmett & Smith Ltd, Liz grew into a mature, respected and well-liked senior member of the team delivering to target and with clockwork efficiency.

Effective comms for engineers, scientists and technologists

In 2016, having worked with Lorraine for the past 13 years, Liz embraced the opportunity to set up a business with the vision of helping engineers, scientists and technologists to communicate effectively. She now plays an integral role in all aspects of running Emmett & Churchman Ltd – without fuss and with a little Scottish charm.

Liz doesn’t give up easily. Her tenacity ensures that clients’ achievements, opinions and ideas are heard and respected. Operating as an extension to her clients’ marketing departments, she delivers PR programmes which help them to achieve their commercial objectives. Liz is also responsible for editorial quality control and takes huge pride in the fact that many Editors regard Emmett & Churchman Ltd as a key partner. From Defence to Environment ,through to Shipping and Mining, Liz has worked across all major industry sectors turning technical and complex into engaging and accessible.

With two small boys and a husband to run around after, Liz doesn’t sit still for long but the odd glass of wine with her friends keeps her sane!

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