What makes clients tick?

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Successful PR strategy requires a deep understanding of your clients. Discover five ways we learn what makes our clients tick.

In B2B tech PR, understanding the intricate layers of our clients’ businesses is not just a process—it’s a compulsion! At EC-PR, our mission is to get under our clients’ skin and truly grasp what makes them tick, ensuring that our strategies resonate on a surface level and echo through the core of their operations and brand comms.

The journey begins with a communication strategy

Our journey into the heart of our clients’ businesses begins with meticulously developing a communication strategy. This strategy is not a one-size-fits-all; it is a tailored suit, precisely cut and stitched to fit the unique contours of each client’s commercial drivers and priorities. Our approach starts at the top, with a deep dive into understanding these drivers articulated by the business leaders. This not only contextualises our PR initiatives but firmly anchors them to the hard numbers that drive business growth.

Expanding upon this foundation, we immerse ourselves in the fabric of the business and its brand, allowing us to understand not just the ‘what’ but the ‘why’ behind each operation. This unique immersion gives us a broad and deeply nuanced perspective, enabling us to align our communication strategies with the client’s vision, challenges, and aspirations with unparalleled precision.

1Stakeholder inclusion fuels insight

What sets our strategy development apart is our broad stakeholder engagement. We involve leaders from across the business, drawing on their vast reservoirs of insight and knowledge. This collaborative process not only enriches our own understanding of their business but ensures these leaders are invested in the success of their brand awareness efforts. It’s a collective journey where each participant shares a piece of the puzzle, allowing us to construct a comprehensive picture of the business.

By weaving together the different perspectives of these internal leaders, we not only gain a multi-dimensional understanding of the business but also foster a sense of ownership and enthusiasm for driving the brand awareness activity forward. This approach to strategy ensures that our communications are fully aligned with the company’s objectives and supported and championed from within, creating a powerful catalyst for success.

2Craft value from within

The business’s value proposition doesn’t emerge from thin air. It is painstakingly drawn out of the business itself, woven from the threads of knowledge and insight that permeate its structure.

It’s grounded in tangible, actionable intelligence gathered from within. This process of extracting the unique value the business delivers helps us to ensure a communication strategy that is relevant, effective and true to the client’s brand. It’s testament to our belief that the best value proposition reflects the true essence of the business, resonating with both the team behind it and the customers they serve.

3Identify rich seams of opportunity

The Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) we develop is deeply rooted in the areas where the business can find its greatest opportunities, excel, and generate substantial revenue. This understanding is critical in directing our efforts toward the richest opportunities.

The creation of the ICP is a strategic exercise that goes beyond basic demographic profiling. It involves a deep dive into the business’ capabilities, market position, and competitive landscape to identify where it can truly shine. This enables us to tailor our PR efforts towards generating not just visibility, but tangible results and growth opportunities for our clients.

4Personas born from first-hand knowledge

Our personas are crafted with care and sculpted from the first-hand experiences and insights of those on the front lines—sales, customer service, and other business leads. This rich vein of knowledge ensures our personas are accurate and vibrantly alive, enabling us to fine-tune our messaging across every stage of the buying cycle.

This granular approach to persona development allows us to speak directly to the heart of our client’s target audience with messaging that is not just heard but felt. It reflects a commitment to understanding the customer journey, enabling us to craft communication that engages, informs, and persuades at every touchpoint.

5Strategic validation through real conversations

Perhaps the most distinctive aspect of our approach is the strategy validation process. This involves senior leaders from EC-PR engaging directly with our clients’ customers. These conversations serve as a crucible, testing and refining our strategy to ensure it accurately reflects the nuances of our clients’ culture, offerings, and marketplaces.

This hands-on validation process ensures our communication strategies are theoretically sound and practically effective. It offers a rare insight into the customer perspective, allowing us to adjust and refine our approach in real time. This commitment to accuracy and relevance ensures that our strategies are genuinely effective in reaching and resonating with the intended audience.


To understand what makes clients tick, seek out stakeholders, leaders, operations and customers.

At EC-PR, we don’t just communicate; we connect. We explore beneath the surface, seeking the heartbeat of each business, learning its rhythms, and understanding what makes it tick. This is how we craft communication strategies that resonate, echo, and ultimately drive success. Our approach is comprehensive, immersive, and always tailored to the unique DNA of each client we partner with, ensuring that our strategies are not just effective, but transformative.

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