We protect and defend your reputation when your legal, ethical or financial position is under threat.

Everyone makes mistakes

A crisis is usually rooted in an act of god (rare); deliberate criminal act (uncommon); or human error (most usual) and has resulted in danger or financial damage to third parties. How the crisis is handled will directly impact your customers, staff and bottom line.

“…they are never complacent and chase everything to see it through from conception to completion. Their flexible and rapid approach is designed to deliver results”
Michael Breen

Executive Chairman, Media Powerhouse

Managing a crisis

Crisis management is vital for any business to help minimise the damage to your brand when your legal, ethical or financial position is under threat. A thorough, well-orchestrated and prompt PR response to a crisis situation can reflect well on an organisation.

Calm and professional

We have a bespoke crisis communication planning and management tool. It includes a step by step approach to diagnose crisis-readiness and a structured programme to help equip the management team to deal effectively with communication demands as they emerge, in a controlled and professional manner.

This has been used effectively at both long and short range to deal with critical and usually unexpected, business predicaments.

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