4 Steps to secure coverage in top tier publications

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In the world of media and PR, standing out requires more than just having something to say – it’s about saying the right things at the right time. Today, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of our unique process designed to keep our clients front and centre in key publications!

Before we explain our process, note that your business needs more than a simple map of the media landscape for your sector, it needs an eagle eye on opportunities in the media – those opportunities are a moving target with great hiding spots. That’s why we designed Media Lens, that helps us craft unique media narratives for your business. Because it’s true – there is a golden time when your messages will align with the world outside.

Why identifying the right message is important for B2B tech companies?

It’s not just about understanding the media landscape and crafting compelling messages but also about truly understanding your target media, and what they’re looking for. This is key to roaring above the rest.

As part of the Media Lens process, we also analyse your competitors’ media presence. We list your top five competitors and scrutinise their online presence: What campaigns are they involved in, and what are media sources saying about them? This exercise ensures that your messages will really stand out from the crowd with.

4 Steps to secure media coverage

We put Media Lens into practice using four simple steps, considering journalists, issues and relevance to your audience in order to create a bank of brilliant ideas.

1Getting under the skin of the gatekeepers

In the realm of media relations, journalists are the gatekeepers. They hold the keys to credibility, trust, and heightened brand awareness. Successfully navigating this landscape means understanding what journalists want: news.

Journalists do not want to feature your company’s latest fundraiser or new product launch, however. They want to cover relevant issues underpinned by evidence in the form of whitepapers, case studies, reports, and surveys.

In 2024, it’s no longer about a little black book bulging with media contacts, but that certainly helps! The reality is that you have one shot to make the right impression. Be more than a cold caller – be the conversation starter.

2Workshopping media success

We prepare companies for success with our Media Lens service. Together, we:

  • Delve into current issues that matter to the media.
  • Identify 10-20 issues that resonate with your audiences AND present an opportunity for your brand.
  • Check whether any of these issues are already ‘owned’ by your competitors.

Having those data points mapped out before you prowl into the media scene ensures you have a unique message that roars louder than your competitors.

3Narrowing down issues for maximum impact

The issues identified in the first Media Lens workshop can be expanded upon.

We ask questions such as:

  • Is it a current or emerging issue?
  • Do you have a solid point of view?
  • Can you add value to the conversation?

A step that is unique to our approach is to closely evaluate each issue’s importance to the target audience. We evaluate market drivers, key publications, quoted companies, and relevant data sources.

We will always involve your whole organisation in the evaluation process. Dominating the media requires total alignment of your leadership.

4Crafting a message that soars above the competition

With a firm grip on your prioritised issues, it’s time to spread your wings! We use the selected issues to build a bank of brilliant ideas, and a strong messaging matrix.

Fly miles above the competition with Media Lens. Be strategic, be relevant, and lead the conversation everyone is eager to join.

TL;DR – Securing top-tier media coverage requires a strategic approach

In conclusion, securing coverage in top sector publications is a nuanced and strategic endeavour, one that is crucial for elevating your brand in the competitive B2B tech landscape.

Our Media Lens process is not just a tool, but a comprehensive guide to navigate this complex media landscape. By understanding and aligning with the needs of journalists, tailoring your messages to resonate with your audience, analysing and differentiating yourself from competitors, and ultimately crafting a message that’s both unique and impactful, Media Lens positions your business to not just participate in the conversation, but to lead it.

This process ensures that your brand’s voice doesn’t just echo in the media wilderness but is heard loud and clear, securing the coveted coverage that can propel your business to new heights.

Want to see how Media Lens can amplify your company’s media presence? Contact us.

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