How to leverage B2B PR infographics in your strategy

Mar 17, 2020 | B2B PR Blog, Infographics, Services

There are certain B2B PR strategies that have served businesses well for decades, like press releases and media relations. As far as these techniques will take you, most PR campaigns need a little something extra to push them over the edge and make them more successful.

One strategy that has emerged as a valuable tool in PR, especially for B2B companies, is the infographic.

What are infographics?

An infographic is any visual representation of data. The term could refer to something as simple as a basic chart or graph.

The infographics that have become popular in PR, though, are far richer. These infographics pull together many pieces of data and illustrate it in various visual ways. Think of it as a well-researched article that only pulls out the most critical takeaways.

The benefits of using infographics for B2B PR

Infographics are more than unique changes of pace. They can offer several advantages in your B2B PR strategy.

Conveying information clearly

Part of B2B PR is sharing your knowledge with your target customers to build your image as a reputable expert in your field. While articles and blogs are the typical ways to do this, some topics and processes are difficult to explain in writing.

Infographics give you the power to produce your content in a clearer, more concise way.

Spreading content beyond your reach

Because infographics are so eye-catching, they tend to take on a life of their own. People love to share them with others, and in fact, 42% of marketers agree that infographics and other original graphics receive more engagement than other media. The same holds true in PR. 

Get found more in search engine results for images

Another fantastic by-product of using infographics on your website is that you can optimise them to be found in image search results on Google, Bing etc. Make sure you give your infographics a relevant title and use alt tags where they are displayed on your web pages to ensure they get indexed by search engines.

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How to use B2B PR infographics to your advantage

Infographics are powerful tools for your PR strategy, but only if you use them in the right way. Try these options.

Supplement articles and blogs

When you publish content with PR in mind, you don’t need to rely on the text alone. A well-crafted infographic can further illustrate some of your points and catch the readers’ eyes. Your publication will get more attention, enhancing your image and your brand awareness.

Bring key content to social platforms

Reputable publications aren’t the only places you can publish content to help your target customers and boost your image. Social media can prove to be a useful channel too.

When you publish infographics on social media, it appeals to users because social media is such a visual medium. It’s also easy for users to share your infographic with others, which gives you the opportunity to tap into a larger audience.

Appeal to your target audience

B2B buyers are unique because you don’t typically win them over with emotional appeals, as you may with personal consumers. Businesses want facts, statistics, and data. This happens to be an infographic’s specialty. You can cater your infographics specifically to the data that your target customers want, making the PR strategy that much more effective.


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Discovering how to leverage B2B PR infographics in your strategy

As with any other PR strategy, infographics have the potential for great success if they are created and used with the right techniques in mind. To learn more about how to add B2B PR infographics to your toolbox, contact our PR team today.

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