Why your business needs a communication strategy

by | May 19, 2020 | B2B PR Blog, Communication Strategy

Here’s a quick overview of why your business needs a communication strategy.

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A communication strategy saves you time and money whilst accelerating brand awareness and lead generation.

It is a blueprint for how sales and marketing are going to deliver the business plan and has four main attributes:

1. It defines your value proposition – stipulating why your brand is more desirable than an alternative

2. It determines which sectors present the lowest hanging fruit; so that you can prioritise them

3. It describes your target personas in detail, so that you can understand them and engage with them, in a more meaningful way

4. And finally, it provides you with messaging for every stage of the buying cycle – indicating where objectivity is required and when more focused selling is appropriate.

The comms strategy will inform you as to what brand assets you need to develop, finetune or create.
Its specific nature will help you to decide where to invest your limited resources for greatest impact.

A comms strategy delivers cohesion – it ensures strategic goals are met quicker; your brand awareness is increased, and your competitive advantage – fortified.

Your questions about Communication Strategy answered

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