Imagery Matters. Why visuals wield power in commanding press coverage

by | Sep 15, 2023 | B2B PR Blog, Business Photography, Communication Strategy, Content Creation, Photography and Video

As PR specialists we know it’s not just brilliant words that make an impact; images are a powerful tool to build your brand might and should not be neglected!

Images are integral to your business communication and brand recall

Do you ever remember a face but not the name? Even if people don’t remember what you say at first, they will remember what you look like, and the same goes for your PR output. Creative, distinctive and consistent styling will increase your brand recall with journalists and media editors, as well as your customers.

That is why we use Midjourney to create the eye-catching look of our website pages, PR guides and owned media. Midjourney is an AI image generator, which enables us to consistently specify brand colours, tones, lighting and the subject matter of our images to order. It’s much easier to adhere to our brand guidelines, be imaginative and create a striking impression with the results. We also use a different type of imagery for our blog insights to differentiate them from our evergreen content.

B2B Tech needs consistent design and imagery too

For our B2B Tech clients, the temptation is to not consider brand imagery as high priority, but don’t overlook it! Both words and visuals should be considered as part of a brand communication strategy, and treated with the same concern.  To raise your marketing game, consider what imagery would appeal to your intended audience, in the same way as you should with messaging. Consistency is the key. A coherent look across your press releases, website and social posts is evidence of thoughtfulness, style, professionalism and the ability to adhere to your vision.

How are your images performing? 7 ways images should release your brand might!

Here are seven more reasons why images are the secret sauce to get you heard (or seen) above the horde.

Take a few minutes to assess if your business is benefiting from these. If not, your imagery needs a fresh approach so that you can leave a lasting impact via your public relations.

Instant impact:

First impressions matter. Compelling visuals catch the eye and trigger immediate interest. A captivating image or video elevates your story from mundane to magnetic, drawing journalists into your narrative.

Universal language:

B2B audiences span across industries and geographies. Visuals transcend language barriers, making your story accessible to diverse readers. A powerful visual speaks volumes without a single word.

Simplifying complexity:

B2B offerings often involve complex concepts. Visuals simplify complexities, transforming convoluted ideas into easily digestible insights. An infographic can distil intricate data into a story that’s both understandable and impactful.


Humans remember visuals far better than text. A striking visual associated with your brand lingers in journalists’ minds, making them more likely to recall and feature your story when the right opportunity arises.

Shareability amplified:

Visuals are inherently shareable, making them ideal for social media platforms where B2B stories gain traction. When journalists share your visually rich content, your reach extends organically.

Stand out in the crowd:

B2B press coverage is competitive. Visuals set you apart. They’re your chance to make a memorable mark in the sea of information, increasing the likelihood of your story being chosen for coverage.

The lemon prinicple:

The more coverage you command, the less space is available for your competitors – squeeze them till the pips squeak!

In summary, TL;DR

Distinct imagery makes you heard above the horde. Choice graphics, photography and design have the potential to make your average press release stand out from the crowd and spread far and wide. Take a look at your visual outputs today and assess whether they are helping your brand recall. If they’re a bit meh then you need a reset as part of your communication strategy. Talk to us about distinctive photography and imagery today.

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