Trade shows and exhibitions are all about making connections – networking.   Whether that is meeting new people or strengthening existing relationships, your role is to engage with your industry’s media and deliver a story.  Be confident with your messaging and prepared to tackle those off the cuff or sensitive questions. This takes practice and experience, but go prepped and you can make the right impression to get your business noticed by the media organisations who matter.

Here are our tips to help you optimise your media networking at that all-important event:

1. Spend time thinking about your introduction/icebreaker

This can be as simple as your name and what you do followed up by simple open questions – don’t forget to smile!

2. Make your time memorable

Consider describing what you do in a more interesting or memorable way, for example, if you specialise in marine environmental protection, you could say that you are “the guardians of the deep”.

3. Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about them

Think about how you can put them at ease (quickly find a common ground, i.e, Is this your first time at this event? Who in the industry do you both know?) and make them feel more comfortable about asking questions – this will help you to manage your nerves too.

4. Every connection is potentially valuable

Whether it’s school children you could inspire, a politician you could influence, or a journalist you could educate, every interaction should be treated as an opportunity to practice being interesting and engaging.

5. Prepare three open questions

Encourage engagement by preparing three open-ended questions which cover safe territory.

What happens when you get thrown a curve ball? Keep following for next blog on How to tackle those unwanted/unexpected questions.

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