We develop powerful campaign messaging that persuades by connecting with customers’ core values, needs and aspiration.

Powerful campaign messaging engages and persuades because it connects with customers’ core values, needs and aspirations.

However the levelling factor is that messaging can only work if it is credible.

“We would highly recommend this to any business in need of a well-articulated and succinct statement which clearly sets the organistion apart from its competitiors.”
Rachel Clamp

Head of Marketing, Public Services, Defence & Security , PA Consulting Group

Brand positioning

We offer a bespoke brand positioning and messaging programme that comprises consultancy and practical workshop activities. It is designed to articulate: what it is that makes your organisation stand out from the crowd and why stakeholders should be compelled to engage with you.

Tailored messaging

We help develop different ways of articulating the same core message so that every executive is equipped to stay on-message whatever the scenario being played out – whether delivering a speech at a conference or conducting a press interview.

Commercial focus

Our workshop delivers brand and campaign messaging which is both commercially compelling and credible.

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Being in the right place at the right time…We will deliver feature length coverage to your target press… or your money back

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