Introducing James Young: day 64 James

Jun 5, 2024 | B2B PR Blog, Careers

EC-PR’s newest senior PR account manager describes his introduction to EC-PR’s team and why he chose to join our dynamic tech PR agency.

James Young, new Senior Tech PR Account Manager, Many wouldn’t believe me if I said that I had heard about the role at EC-PR on the Monday, had been interviewed on the Tuesday, signed my contract on the Wednesday, and was at the company ‘All Hands’ meeting by Thursday morning. It sounds more like a Craig David song…

In fact, it was at the All Hands meeting that Liz jokingly introduced me to the rest of the team as ‘Day One James’ and it’s kind of stuck!

Early days in the Middle East

However, whilst I’m relatively new to EC-PR, I’m definitely not new to the communications industry. I started my career in the marketing department of an internet services provider, eventually swapping internet speeds for the bright lights of the United Arab Emirates when I relocated aged 20 to work in hospitality marketing.

It was during my years working in various locations in the Middle East that my love of tech emerged. Yes, I was working in hospitality, but it was the technical side that had really caught my attention; putting tablets on the table to collect customer feedback, managing and monitoring delivery logistics, ‘cloud kitchen’ setups for delivery services and even delivery apps. In fact, the restaurant I worked for was the first to sign up with Uber when it was launched in the Middle East.

In 2021, I returned to the UK to be closer to family and quickly joined a PR agency that had a particular hospitality tech offering. However, in this job I was exposed to biopharma, fintech and wider technologies. Whilst historically my in-house marketing roles had heavily featured PR, it was in joining this agency that opened my eyes to the variety that comes from agency side coupled with the fast pace of PR.

The right fit

I’ve mentioned the speed in which EC-PR hired me, but I have to say I was so impressed by both Liz and Lorraine. I’m sure we’ve all looked for new roles where you either don’t hear back for weeks, or the interview is a bit flat, they’re indecisive or it’s all just a bit…uh. It’s on these occasions I’d advise people to run for the hills. If that’s the approach before you’ve even started, what will it be like working there?

I was looking for a career move, not just a job, and I think it’s really important for an interview to be a two-way process. My conversations with Liz and Lorraine were in-depth, thoughtful and engaging with them asking me insightful questions while I got a good feel for who they were as people and what EC-PR stood for as a business. I equally asked them lots of questions and I realised we had a similar mindset and approach; we were the right fit.

EC-PR as a Tech PR agency is hugely forward-thinking, fully remote and incredibly flexible, it really is a phenomenal business.

One of the best things about joining has been the ability to get stuck in straight away. I’ve been learning about our clients, their businesses and industries, and getting to grips with our varied and broad service offering for them. What I’ve really noticed with EC-PR is the magnitude of the clients; we have some huge businesses on our books, and I’m pleased to be part of their journey.

The future with EC-PR

Looking ahead to the future, I’m really optimistic and excited about working at EC-PR. I like stability and I respect leadership that clearly communicates what they want and need, and I feel like EC-PR has struck the right balance of this. I’m an ambitious person and I wanted to join an ambitious company where there’s no ceiling for anyone; the role is simply what you make of it.

Since starting, the EC-PR team has put a lot of effort into my onboarding, and I’d like to think I’ve reciprocated that from my side. I appreciate the learning curve they’ve set me on and have the utmost respect for the team for putting their trust in me.

In the coming months, I’m looking forward to the training wheels coming off and me feeling confident enough to fall into my natural stride. I’ve had an intensive and productive first couple of months with the business and am looking forward to my future with EC-PR.

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