How to be heard and understood by critical influencers


BMT Defence Services Ltd offers whole ship design and technical support for submarines, warships and auxiliary vessels within UK and international defence. Running up to the Strategic Defence Review BMT wanted to ensure that its role of independent expert advisor was understood and valued by critical influencers.


We recommended a lobbying programme to introduce the business and its capabilities to all serving ministers with a declared interest in defence. We targeted twelve ministers targeted and secured private meetings with eleven parties including the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Defence and three Defence Select Committee members for David Bright, Sector Director Defence, BMT Group.


“This has been a highly useful activity. I have been able to discuss BMT defence capability with a number of influential defence ministers and shadow defence ministers that has definitely raised their awareness of BMT capability. I have been able to emphasise key business critical themes.” David Bright

Sector Director Defence , BMT Group

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