Lloyd's Maritime Academy

Taking control and leveraging the brand


Lloyd’s Maritime Academy, a subsidiary of Informa Plc, offers an enormous portfolio of online training to maritime professionals around the world.

New to the business and leading a marketing team of six, Veronica Araujo’s prime remit is performance marketing, centred around generating leads to fill the hundreds of courses that Lloyd’s Maritime Academy delivers around the world.


The brand was being marketed under a sub brand ‘KNect365 Learning’ creating confusion and dilution. Veronica and her team had become aware that the business was not only operating in silos but was functioning on a tactical level rather than a strategic one and as a result, this world-famous, prestigious brand was not being leveraged to full effect.

In an ever-increasing competitive landscape, it became clear that a more targeted and focused approach to its marketing and communications activities was needed to ensure Lloyd’s Maritime Academy stood out from the crowd.


Veronica had already initiated a quantitative brand perception study amongst customers when she asked EC-PR to design and deliver a branding programme. The purpose of which was to clarify how the brand was perceived by its critical stakeholders, as well as develop a communication strategy to provide clarity of approach.

Utilising both the quantitative study and qualitative engagement conducted by EC- PR, the strategy would include the value proposition, industry prioritisation, persona development, positioning statements and messaging. It would form the backbone to inform and guide all marketing communications moving forward, including the Public Relations activity for which EC-PR would also take responsibility.


“The Communication Strategy development programme EC-PR delivered returned control and authority to the marketing team. We feel a greater sense of brand ownership and appreciate the enormous value of the Lloyd’s name, which had become lost amidst delivering everyday tactics.

As a marketing team, we are better aligned and empowered, and externally, we are working hard to put our clients back at the heart of everything we say, do and develop.

We now know exactly what we need to say in order to support our different target audiences at different stages of the buying cycle. The clarity and structure of the communication strategy which EC-PR provided us with, has given us a set of tools and a plan which makes everything we do make so much more sense. It is still very early days and I look forward to reporting on the impact the new strategy has on our business.”

Veronica Araujo

Head of Performance Marketing, KNect365 Learning


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