Transport - Communications audit

Improving an organisation’s communication effectiveness


The incoming Chief Executive believed that the communication functions of the RHA were falling short of acceptable standards required of a trade organisation and commissioned Lorraine Emmett to conduct a communications audit, to establish options for change and help facilitate the implementation of the CEO’s vision.


Detailed and wide ranging information was secured to support the Chief Executive in making informed business decisions in order to move the organisation forward. An organisation restructure was initiated including the overhaul and restructure of the communications function and the creation of a new role: head of marcomms.


Richard Burnett, RHA Chief Executive: “This audit was critical to enabling the change programme. It provided valuable insights and helped to clarify my view on how to improve the organisation’s communication effectiveness. An essential part of the RHA’s remit is to get the industry’s voice heard.”

Richard Burnett

Chief Executive, Road Haulage Association

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