An effective tech PR strategy - the engine powering XTM’s communications

EC-PR's strategic approach to public relations has given XTM International the guidance it needed in its language technology business

Client background

XTM International is a founder-led business that was formed in 2002 to deliver high-quality, enterprise-class translation technologies that would keep pace with the fast-evolving demands of globalization.

By 2020 this successful multinational business had reached a stage in its dynamic growth when it recognised that its marketing communication and brand perception was not supporting its technological prowess. The business recognised it required public relations expertise to help it reorientate and realign its marketing communications.

The goal

To find a consultative and strategic PR partner that would not only help XTM with their overall PR strategy but could also provide the tools to help them implement it.

XTM also felt it important to find an expert PR agency in the tech space with whom they could take those initial “baby steps” and support them to “go at their own pace.”

The challenge

Typical for businesses in the SAAS technology sector, XTM knew they needed help with PR to buck the trend of the ‘frugal’ tech start-up doing things internally with little to no budget. The team knew the vital role PR could play in building their business profile and wanted guidance on good places to start.

The Senior Leadership Team at XTM, each with a wealth of expert knowledge, had been creating content but was lacking a PR strategy and clear direction, and the content was failing to engage as expected.

So, when EC-PR reached out to the CEO of XTM, Bob Willans, the timing could not have been better. After a few initial conversations and fact-finding meetings with their Digital Content and Partnership Manager, Dave Ruane, it was time to power up that engine and get started.

Why EC-PR?

One of the main reasons why XTM chose EC-PR as their PR partner of choice was an appreciation for the direct, open, and transparent approach taken during those first few interactions with the business. Being consultative and strategic from the outset helped EC-PR to build confidence and trust – essential components required for a strong client-partner relationship to develop. The team at XTM also liked the feeling of not being pressured or “sold to.” This helped the relationship to develop organically.

XTM International logo
“It is like this; we knew we needed a car. We had some thoughts on colour, shape, and size and some ideas about where that car might take us, but that car had no engine. And, as everybody knows, a car with no engine can’t go anywhere. We saw EC-PR very much as the engine to help us get started and onto the right road toward our ultimate destination.”
Dave Ruane

Digital Content and Partnership Manager, XTM International

What worked well?

From helping the team at XTM identify what content should be prioritised and why, to embedding EC-PR’s ‘Brilliant Ideas Bank’ activation methodology into core business operations (branded, XTM Insights) there have been some great strides taken in the first year of working together.

One of the key areas where EC-PR has made a real impact is in the work that has been carried out with the Senior Leadership Team. Not only in working towards the development and execution of a powerful communications strategy but also in equipping the team with the right tools and processes required to deliver on their business strategy.

EC-PR has not only been the engine in the car, but they have also been the roadmap to set XTM on its business trajectory.

Dave adds: “It became clear in my conversations with EC-PR that we could strategize until the cows come home, but what we really needed was guidance. What were the steps we needed to take? What was that map to get us there? That guidance has been so helpful for the business.”

Another real benefit that XTM has found from working with EC-PR is that their team knows they can reach out for advice on PR or communication matters if required and that they will be met with a responsive team. They also recognise that EC-PR will always provide open and honest feedback which has been seen as an advantage, even if at times it hasn’t landed well initially.

Billy Burnet, Senior Director of Marketing at XTM said: “It may not always be what we want to hear, but it is exactly why come to you because we know you are not going to give us the soft and sugary answer. You’ll give us the facts with reasons, not the niceties.”


Reflections a year on

XTM and EC-PR have been working together for over a year and it is clear the partnership has been a success.

Having a PR partner to rely on, a map for guidance, and tools to work with mean that there is more focus and rigour surrounding XTM’s PR matters.
Billy Burnet XTM

But there is still work to do.

“There are still things we haven’t fully implemented or taken advantage of yet, but we are confident we are making the necessary progress and I’m excited for what’s next!”

Billy Burnet, Senior Director of Marketing , XTM

So, what is next?

The team at XTM is continuing their work with EC-PR to strengthen their presence within not just the language technology space, but the broader tech space as well. The team is focused on implementing the key learnings from the PR strategy workshops by embedding them into their operational tactics for 2023.

All going well, there may be a larger PR project on the cards for the year ahead but for now, both parties are happy with a blossoming client-partner relationship that is going from strength to strength.

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