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As a specialist B2B Tech PR agency, we have a deep understanding of the transport sector and its key trends and challenges — from changes to the way transport investment is planned and funded, through to the shift towards low-carbon transportation. We will create a strong media profile for your company that makes you stand out from competition and aligns with your target audiences.

What do journalists want from transport PR?

Journalists are particularly keen to write about stories based on real-life case studies or successful projects with tangible outcomes. These narratives and/or third-party endorsements may be provided through a formal case study, an interview with a customer or a site visit to see your organisation and its experts in action.

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Transport public relations can give you clear competitive advantage

Is your tranport organisation looking for increased visibility and better qualified leads?

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Evergreen transport topics you must have an opinion on

The shift to synchromodal transport is seen as a major step towards decarbonisation and the optimisation of logistics. Looking at transport from an entire network perspective, synchromodal transport selects modes and routes in a flexible and sustainable way, making optimal use of available modes and resources. Using real-time data and analytics, the transportation method can be adapted while a shipment is en route to achieve the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly option.

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Key government initiatives you should be aware of and why they are important

The UK Government is leading a public consultation to inform future policies and plans needed to tackle transport emissions. Building on the Decarbonising transport: setting the challenge policy paper released in March 2020, the consultation is asking for ideas on how to achieve ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050.

Key analysts and market influencers in transport:

Trade publications we’ve worked with:

Logistics Voices
Logistics Voices

Supply Chain Dive
Supply Chain News

Transport Weekly
Transport Weekly

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Transport organisations we love and why

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) is the voice of the UK road transport industry and logistics operators. Outspoken and with a strong media profile, the RHA provides direct support to its 8,000 members, as well as intelligence and communication which aid both the Government and public’s understanding of the road haulage industry.

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Tech PR bear traps – three things to avoid

Do not promise press coverage to clients or colleagues. Every press material or activity is subject to editorial scrutiny, which can sometimes mean content will be delayed or dropped.
Do not send press materials under embargo to journalists without first securing their written confirmation that they will honour the embargo.
Do not miss an opportunity to catch up with a journalist in person. There is no better way to build and nurture a relationship than via face-to-face meetings.
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Transport public relations can give you clear competitive advantage

Is your transport organisation looking for increased visibility and better qualified leads?

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Your Transport PR Brochure

Is your transport organisation looking for increased brand awareness, clear differentiation from your competitors and an expert reputation in the marketplace?


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