Your Pathway to Killer Communication
That Converts

Unlock the full potential of your communication strategy

Watch our on-demand webinar

Pathway Communication Strategy Event

Your Pathway to Killer Communication That Converts

Unlock the full potential of your communication strategy

Watch our on-demand webinar

Journey into the Heart of Strategic Communication

The pathway to business growth and visibility in the B2B and technology sectors is through strategic communication. This panel discussion offers you vital signposts in your journey, illuminating the steps you need to take towards achieving your marketing and communication objectives with precision and clarity.

Navigate the labyrinth of B2B communications and discover the secrets of a compelling communication strategy with EC-PR and our panel of tech, sales and marketing experts.

EC-PR Quote marksDave Kelly, 2i“If you had told me at the start of this journey that a business like ours, operating in our space, could have a USP, I would never have believed you. I would not have thought it was possible. But we do, and we have, we stand out for all the right reasons. That’s remarkable.”

Dave Kelly, CEO, 2i

What’s in store for you:

Our webinar provides you with:

Real-world experiences: 

Hear from leaders at various stages of their communication journey, who have faced and overcome challenges like yours.

Practical strategies you can implement straight away: 

Learn how to ensure your messaging resonates and stands out in a crowded market.

Success stories: 

Discover how businesses have reaped significant benefits by implementing an effective communication strategy.

Who Should Watch

CEOs and Business Leaders seeking to elevate their company’s market presence.

Marketing Executives looking to harness the power of communication for business growth.

Communication Professionals aiming to refine their strategies in the B2B tech space.

Anyone interested in understanding the impact of a well-crafted communication strategy.

Featured Topics

  • Critical Elements of a Robust Communication Strategy: Insights from the EC-PR Pathway Guide.
  • Creating Impactful Messaging that Resonates: Techniques to engage and convert your target audience.
  • Distinct Differentiation from Competition: Stand out from the crowd and gain true competitive advantage.
  • Business Benefits Too Good to Ignore: Including elevating your company brand, enhancing leadership alignment and engagement, providing greater value to your clients, winning new business and more…
  • How to Crash & Burn Your Tech Scale-Up: How to avoid common mistakes that will destroy your tech business.

Introducing Our Panel

Lorraine Emmett
Lorraine Emmett MD, EC-PR, Host
Caroline Hurst

Caroline Hurst
Fractional CMO, EC-PR

Dave Kelly CEO at 2i  
Lisa Hudson

Lisa Hudson Head of Marketing, Bender

Adrian Barnwell
Adrian Barnwell
Sales Coach, Deloitte
billy burnet
Emma Rainey
Fractional CMO, The Marketing Centre

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