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XTM International is a company which operates in the SAAS technology sector.

Established in 2002, XTM International is a founder-led, multinational business that delivers high-quality, enterprise-class translation technologies to clients, helping them to keep up with the fast-evolving demands of globalisation.

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XTM International Case Study

EC-PR Quote marks“It is like this; we knew we needed a car. We had some thoughts on colour, shape, and size and some ideas about where that car might take us, but that car had no engine. And, as everybody knows, a car with no engine can’t go anywhere. We saw EC-PR very much as the engine to help us get started and onto the right road toward our ultimate destination.”

Dave Ruane

Director of Marketing, XTM International

Dangers and Desires

As it approached its 20th year, XTM International identified that its marketing comms didn’t match its technological prowess. Brand perception wasn’t as high as it could be and content, although being generated in-house, lacked direction and was failing to engage.

To reach the dynamic growth it strived for, XTM International recognised they needed expert help from technology PR specialists. After some initial fact-finding conversations with CEO Bob Willans and Director of Marketing, Dave Ruane, we were appointed to be XTM International’s strategic PR consultants.


The client’s objective was to create an effective PR strategy and gain help implementing it.

Even though it’s the ideal time to do so, only 1 in 5 companies engage with a PR agency before creating their overall marketing strategy. In this respect, XTM International were already making sound decisions regarding their future PR and comms!

Brilliant Ideas Bank

Through researching the pertinent issues in XTM International’s industry and related media, we helped them embed our Brilliant Ideas Bank methodology into their core business operations. By prioritising the content which resonated most with their industry, they were able to make great strides forward in their communication efforts.

Honest advice

XTM International appreciated our trustworthiness and direct, open, and transparent approach. We pride ourselves on being pleasant to work with, but we’re never afraid to tell the truth and don’t sugar-coat advice if it’s what we think our clients need to hear.

XTM International’s team have benefitted from being able to reach out to us at any time for PR and comms advice. We’re always responsive, willing to help and known for our open and honest feedback.

Strategic guidance

By working with the senior leadership team and equipping them with the right tools and processes to deliver their business strategy, we were able to write the PR roadmap to set XTM International off on its comms upward trajectory. Essentially, we provided the sat nav to help the company reach its PR destination.

Consulting partners

Being consultative and strategic from the outset helped EC-PR to build confidence and trust – essential components required for a strong client-partner relationship. The team at XTM International also liked the feeling of not being pressured or “sold to.” This helped the relationship to develop organically.

From the very start, XTM International wanted to work with a PR agency in the tech space who would allow them to go at their own pace, even if that meant baby steps. This was a sensible approach, which allowed the company to apportion budget and resources accordingly and keep expectations to a manageable level. Now the PR strategy is being implemented, XTM International is confident that they can ramp up to the next level.


Two years on, and it’s clear our partnership with XTM International has been a resounding success. Having a PR partner to rely on, a map for guidance, and tools to work with mean the company can approach its PR and comms with focus and rigour.

We’re continuing to work with the team at XTM International to strengthen their presence, not just within the language technology space, but in the broader tech space too. Their team is focused on implementing the key learnings from the PR strategy workshops by embedding them into their operational tactics for 2023 and beyond.

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