Getting Back Brand Control

Lloyd’s Maritime Academy, a subsidiary of Informa Plc, offers an enormous portfolio of online training resources to maritime professionals worldwide.

New to the business and leading a marketing team of six, Veronica Araujo’s prime remit is delivering successful performance marketing campaigns. Her team’s work is centred around generating leads to fill the hundreds of courses that Lloyd’s Maritime Academy offers globally.

Lloyds Maritime Academy

Lloyd’s Maritime Academy Case Study (Communication Strategy)

EC-PR Quote marks“The communication strategy development programme EC-PR delivered, returned control and authority to the marketing team. We feel a greater sense of brand ownership and appreciate the enormous value of the Lloyd’s name, which had become lost amidst delivering everyday tactics.

“As a marketing team, we are better aligned and empowered, and we are working hard to put our clients back at the heart of everything we say, do and develop.

“We now know exactly what we need to say to support our different target audiences at every stage of the buying cycle. The clarity and structure of the communication strategy, which EC-PR has provided us, has given us the set of tools and the plan we need so that everything we do makes sense. It is still very early days and I look forward to reporting on the impact the new strategy has had on our business.”

Veronica Araujo

Head of Performance Marketing, Informa Connect

Dangers and Desires

Veronica’s team sits under a sub-brand called KNect365 Learning. This was causing a great deal of confusion and dilution when marketing the Academy’s courses.

Veronica and her team had become aware that the business was not only operating in silos but was functioning on a tactical level rather than with an aligned strategy. As a result, Lloyd’s Maritime Academy’s world-famous and prestigious brand was not being leveraged to its full effect.

When looking for a partner to help rectify and improve the situation, Veronica turned to EC-PR. Well-versed in the industry and with a track record of successful campaigns, we were perfectly placed to help the team achieve all their communication strategy goals.


In an ever-increasing competitive landscape, it became clear that a more targeted and focused approach to Lloyd’s Maritime Academy’s marketing and communications activities was needed.

Veronica had already initiated a quantitative brand perception study when she appointed us to design and deliver the branding programme.

The purpose of our work was to design a programme that would clarify how the brand was perceived by its key stakeholders, as well as develop a communication strategy that would provide clarity and consistency in its approach.

Our work would form the backbone for all marketing communications, and serve as a guide for all activities, including the PR programme we would subsequently deliver.

Campaign delivery

  • Identify the value proposition
  • Distinguish industry prioritisation
  • Develop a brand persona
  • Create positioning statements
  • Improve messaging

Identify value proposition

We undertook a full analysis of the industry sector to uncover and identify the Academy’s sweet spots and establish greater understanding of its value proposition.

The aim was to establish the Academy’s USPs that ultimately set it apart from its competitors and would help us to form the strategy that would clearly communicate the Academy’s benefits to maritime professionals looking to develop their knowledge through training.

Develop a brand persona

Working closely with Veronica and her team, we undertook a series of exercises and activities that mapped out the Academy’s key traits and tone of voice that would ultimately form the brand persona.

It was only once this important work was completed, and a brand persona established, that we could move onto creating the correct positioning statements to improve messaging across all channels.


As a result of EC-PR’s work, Veronica and her team could confidently refine their marketing activities to deliver consistency and clarity across all channels, while leveraging the Lloyd’s brand to maximum effect.

The team felt that as well as harnessing the famous Lloyd’s name, they were better equipped to deliver their work and focus on clients’ needs.

The communication strategy work presented here was only phase one in what is set to be an ongoing undertaking of Lloyd’s Maritime Academy’s marketing, but, importantly, it sowed the seed for future success, allowing the company to move forward with certainty and clarity.

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