For some of you, DSEI probably feels like a distant memory – the question is, did it deliver everything you wanted, or was it like a three-day hangover you’d rather forget?  There was certainly buckets of excitement at DSEI this year and my feet are still paying the price, but all in all, completely worth it.  With coverage in every single Show Daily and several successful interviews with key defence press, we can safely say we had a fantastic show!  But what’s next?  It needn’t end there – here’s some hints and tips to maximise every penny of your investment.

1. Follow up – even if there is no specific reason to follow up, it’s always good to touch base with the journalists that you met at the show, or the journalists who may have stopped by the stand and left a business card.  This is how we build and maintain strong relationships with the media.

2. Editorial calendars – Review the editorial calendars of your top 5 publications and speak to the Features team about interview opportunities/contributions.  They are more likely to now have some breathing space to talk to you.

3. Thought leadership – It’s worth talking to your experts who attended the show to see if they have any particular views/opinions on the show – or maybe some of the presentations sparked ideas that you could turn into thought leadership articles.

To help you in the aftermath of DSEI 2017, we’ve created a useful guide to upcoming features in key international defence publications with the submission deadlines.  You can download your free guide here now . Note, we will ask you for your business email, but we promise not to spam you.